Video: A Look Inside the AI Lab with Ulli Waltinger, Siemens

The largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe – Siemens AG – launched its dedicated AI Lab in 2017.

Now, almost four years into the project, AI Business’ editor-in-chief Max Smolaks sat down (virtually, of course!) with Ulli Waltinger, its founder and head of the Machine Intelligence Research Group at Siemens, to find out what goes on in such a facility.

Ulli introduces us to the four pillars that drive the AI Lab and how it helps facilitate the business aspirations of various departments, from supply-chain to senior management.

“The first few weeks in the lab illustrated that this kind of focused co-creation between Siemens’ business units and its development department very quickly produces results that make the vague term ‘AI’ concrete – results that can improve processes in areas ranging from manufacturing and medical technology to the management of administrative tasks.”


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